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BB Glow is also known as the permanent foundation. It is an application which is used to hide the skin flaws. However, BB Glow is not like the permanent make-up. That is because natural minerals and vitamins are applied to the skin in comparison with permanent make-up. Both women and men may prefer BB Glow as it is a unisex application.

What is BB Glow & How is it applied?

BB Glow is basically an application to hide the skin flaws. It reduces acne and vein scars. With special herbal serums in the application, you can have a firm, glowing skin and neutralized skin tone, also say goodbye to your pores. Moreover, BB Glow does not contain any chemical ingredients. However, for the BB Glow application, you should entrust your skin to the professionals you trust and specialists in the field.

BB Glow is applied to the skin with special herbal serums, produced only for the application, through a special equipment. The serums contain ingredients such as: vitamin B3, amino acids and herbal essences. Thanks to the special herbal serums, you will have a smooth, glowing, firm, moisturized skin and neutralized skin tone as if wearing a foundation.

Micro needles on the equipment penetrate into your skin and increase collagen production. In this way, cells regenerate faster. After the BB Glow application, the skin tone brightens thanks to the serums. They are also UV-protective. The application takes approximately 4 sessions and the permanent results last from 6 months to 1 year.

What Should You Do After the BB Glow?

After the first 24 hours of the application, you must not contact your skin with water. As for the first 3 days, you must not use any cosmetic products on the area. You should also use sunscreen regularly.

Is BB Glow harmful to the skin?

On the contrary, it is good for your skin. However, if you have a special condition, you should consult your doctor before having the BB Glow application.