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The beard transplant application is quite popular in recent years amongst men. The application is done by transferring hair to the sparse or non-beard area. If you can’t grow a beard or mustache because of genetics, you can have the beard transplant. In order to do the application, the patient must be examined to check the hormonal balance. People over the age of 20 can have the beard transplant.

Why is the Beard Transplant Applied?

The beard transplant is done to remove the sparse beard or mustache look on the face and to make the hair grow thick, as well as to prevent the scars or acne scars. It can be applied to the jaw, mustache and cheek areas.

How is the Beard Transplant Applied?

Firstly, the local anesthesia is applied to the area and then, healthy hair follicles from another area from the body are transferred to the beard area. If you can’t grow a beard, you can also benefit from the application. The pain in this application is minimized thanks to the local anesthesia. Secondly, with the FUE technique, the healthy hair follicles are transferred to the area for permanent results.

How is the Process After the Application?

Healing process after the application is quite fast. There won’t be any permanent scars, only you can experience temporary redness, puffiness and dryness on your skin, for a couple of days. In 2-4 weeks, the beard hairs start to grow back. Some people get the results at just one session, but some may need a second session. It depends on the person’s age and hormonal balance.

Who can Have the Beard Transplant?

If you complain about not having thick beards or can’t even grow them, because of your genetics, you can get permanent results from the beard transplant. Or maybe you just want to hide your sear skin scars. It does not matter; you can freely have the beard transplant application, regardless of your reason. It is applied to hormonal balanced individuals. However, this application must be done by a specialist in the field. You can trust our specialists at our clinic and our permanent results!

The Price

First of all, the area and the exact number of the hair follicles must be determined in order to get an exact price. Please contact us to get more detailed information about the beard transplant application.