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Cold Lipolysis is a kind of fat freezing process. Individuals who cannot achieve the desired result by constantly trying with exercise and diet programs often prefer this method.

What is Cold Lipolysis and How Is It Applied?

Cold lipolysis is known as a method of dissolving fat without drugs and needles without disrupting the body structure of the person. A gel pad and applicator is applied to the targeted area in cold lipolysis. In the second step, the fat cells under the skin are crystallized by cooling to -8 degrees. These fat cells are then frozen and killed. The body processes frozen structures and destroys dead fat cells. Because every person’s metabolism is different, cold lipolysis is applied to each person in different types and sessions. From the fats in the belly area, which are hard to lose , to the calves on the inner and outer legs, can be removed with cold lipolysis. You can learn the best number of sessions for areal thinning and slimming with cold lipolysis by consulting our specialists.

Is Diet and Exercise Necessary After Cold Lipolysis?

After cold lipolysis treatment, there is no need for sports or diet, but if people want to keep their form and do not want the existing fat cells to grow, they usually turn to sports and diet. Although these processes work, if you want a healthy and fit body and the continuity of weight loss, you should continue to do sports and eat healthy.

What Happens in the Process After Cold Lipolysis?

The proportion of fat cells treated with cold lipolysis drops around 25%. Fat loss is not observed in areas which cold lipolysis is not applied. Losing weight does not destroy fat cells even though it makes them smaller. So even if you gain weight after cold lipolysis, new fat cells do not form. Only the size of existing fat cells can change.

What Can the Patient Do During Cold Lipolysis?

During cold lipolysis treatment, the patient can read books, play with his or her phone, and can even fall into a short sleep. After the process, the patient can continue his daily life normally.

How Much Thinning Is Observed After Cold Lipolysis?

After a single session in cold lipolysis, a thinning of 2 to 6 cm can be seen.

How long does the cold lipolysis process take?

Maximum cell apoptosis occurs in the process of cold lipolysis, which takes an hour on average. In this procedure, which can be performed in one session, to give maximum results in some individuals, it may be necessary to have two or three sessions.

What Should Be Considered After Cold Lipolysis Application?

After cold lipolysis, patient should pay attention to water consumption and should avoid foods high in fat. Since the frozen fats are evacuated through the urinary system, the abundant level of water consumption is very important.