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Dermapen is an application to remove wrinkles, blemishes on the skin and make the skin look healthier. During the application, the upper layer of the skin, alias epidermis, is not affected or irritated.

How is Dermapen Applied?

Before the dermapen application, any make-up residues and dirt on the skin are cleaned, the skin is disinfected. After that, absolute hyaluronic acid is applied to the treated area. Dermapen needle is shaped like a pen and at the penpoint, there are micro millimeter needles. They penetrate into the skin frequently and stimulate the skin. The needles open microscopic canals on the skin surface and it triggers mechanism of recovery, collagen and elastin synthesis. After the increased blood circulation and the application, a soothing face mask is applied. Our specialists determine the mask according to your skin type, either a peelable, thick, white mask or a sheet mask.

How Long Does Dermapen Take?

The origin of the dermapen dates back to the Chinese medicine. It takes approximately 50-60 minutes but it varies from person to person. Some skin types require longer duration of the face mask. Our specialists in the field determines delicately the required amount of duration of the mask to your skin. We ensure the full results from the dermapen application!

How Many Sessions Does It Take?

Generally, the sessions for the dermapen application is recommended 4-6 sessions, at every 15 days.

When Should You Not Have the Dermapen Application?

During the summer, the skin cannot protect itself from sun rays. Even if you use sunscreen, you must not have the application during the summer. The winter is the best time of the year to have the application.

Who Can Have the Dermapen?

Dermapen can be applied to all skin types. It is an alternative treatment for patients who cannot have the laser treatment.

Is Anesthesia Applied Before the Dermapen Application?

Anesthesia is optional for the Dermapen. Generally, it is not a painful application.

What Should You Do After the Dermapen Application?

You must not contact the skin with water, wet towels or apply makeup for 8-12 hours. You must apply sunscreen at every 3 hours after the Dermapen application and skin care creams at every 5-6 hours. If you want the maximum effect and a white skin, you can use skin lightening cream after applying the skin-care cream.