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Filling aesthetics is one of the aesthetic treatments that has become increasingly popular in our country recently. The absence of anesthesia, incision and scar in the filling aesthetics are the most important reasons for the preference of the procedure.

What is Filling Aesthetics (Face Filling)?

Filling Operation is applied to the areas that patient complains about with a specific substance, which acts quickly in the area and has no harm to the body. Thus, the appearance defects are eliminated. The success rate is very high when the operation is done by a specialist in this treatment. The most preferred areas of face filling treatment are forehead, eyebrow, eye edges, lip edges, side parts of the nose area. It has been observed that it is also frequently preferred in case of frowning.

Filling Aesthetics (Face Filling) Treatment

It is a suitable method especially for patients who want to get rid of their problems without plastic surgery. On the other hand, this method can provide a more moderate approach to aesthetics. It is frequently preferred for worn and aged skin types to achieve a fresh appearance. Another issue that people are doubtful about is infections that may have a risk of occurrence after treatment. Therefore, an expert specialist should be preferred when performing the operation.

How is Filling Aesthetics Treatment Applied?

Anesthetic substance is injected or applied by using cream before face filling is performed. After a while, the skin is cleaned with the help of an antiseptic substance and the application is made with injecting method to the several points. Depending on the depth of the area, more than one filling substance can be used for the same patient. Fort the patients with deep collapse, the most effective result is obtained when another application is made 3 months after the first operation. After the operation, massage to the area and intense physical activities should be avoided. Skin care products can be used the next day of application.

In Which Areas Is The Filling Aesthetic Treatment Applied?

Although filling aesthetics treatment is generally known as face filling, it can be applied not only to the face area but also to many parts of the body. Filler aesthetics can also be applied to the breast area, legs and hands. The most common application area is the facial area. It is generally applied to patients who complain of wrinkles and scars on the face. People whose facial ovality is impaired also prefer filling treatment. It is preferred for the problems seen on the lips, scratches, cheekbone region and nasolabial folds.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Filling Aesthetics?

While filling is applied with synthetic and semi-synthetic filling substances, some of these substances showed side effects in some patients over time. However, the substance has been found in science that does not show any side effects. With this substance, the patient will not have any negative results. Specialists will give the most appropriate information for the filling aesthetics to the patient. After the aesthetic treatment, side effects such as redness and swelling may be seen, but it will pass in the first three days. Our specialists are experts in their fields. You can absolutely trust this.