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French face Lift is a kind of face hanging method that is performed without surgery. French face lift method, which is developed in France, is the skin stretching process with flexible threads made of silicon materials on the outside and polyester on the inside.

What is the French Face Lift Method and For Whom Is It Suitable?

The French face lift, which is preferred for the skin to have a youthful appearance without surgery, is an ideal application that can be performed for both men and women. Not only the french face lift method can be applied to people who are dissatisfied with facial features, but also it has been a therapeutic method used in patients who have had facial paralysis. This method is also used very often in removing wrinkles and sagging on the skin. It is applied with a material that can remain under the skin for many years because of its compatibility with the human body. This procedure is also used for people who have breast sagging, who want to raise their hips, or who want to have stretch on their arm and leg sagging.

How the French Face Lift is Applied?

After local anesthesia, Dynamic face lift are applied by placing the threads with fine needles in the areas under the skin after determining the areas to be worked on with control before application. These threads, which are placed in the form of a net under the skin, are pulled up and gather the skin. The holding area of the thread is preferred over the ear, so the process ends without the need for sewing. It is possible to relieve the inflammations that may occur after the procedure with painkillers. The process takes on average 45 minutes.

How the French Face Lift Affects Aging

Our face cannot prevent aging due to the gravity over time. The weakening connective tissue creates wrinkles due to loss of collagen, so it makes a person even look older than he or she is. At this point french face lift is useful for this saggity problem. After the procedure, the face oval and cheekbones are highlighted and wrinkles are reduced.

The threads do not affect the muscles in any way, so a more natural result is obtained and the expression is not disrupted. Thanks to the threads, collagen production occurs around them. This situation supports the skin and provides the benefit of the French face lift on the skin for a long time. As a result, it becomes a completely rejuvenated and restored skin.

For How Long The French Face Lift Is Applied?

French Hanger application is an application that can be done in a single session and takes between 45 minutes or an hour. Although the rejuvenation of the face is noticed immediately after the procedure, it takes a week to observe the integrated image. If there are shortcomings, it should be completed at the end of a week. After the procedure, the person can continue his daily life. The effect of the process that will fully emerge can be observed after two months.

How Should One Be Cared After French Face Lift?

After the application of the dynamic threads, the patient should rest for three days. In this process, it should be ensured that jaw movements move easily. In other words, It should not move much. Facial sleep should be avoided. Only upward movements should be applied during the face washing process. And The skin should not be massaged or rubbed.

What Are The Side Effects of The French Face Lift?

Since dynamic threads are completely compatible with human skin, these threads do not have a side effect. After the procedure, the person can continue his normal life. Although edema formation, skin stiffness, redness or bruising is observed after the procedure, these will disappear in a short time. Doctors can usually recommend analgesics or antibiotics after the procedure. Skin folds pass within a few days, depending on the level of stretching. At the end of the week after the procedure, the patient can be controlled.

Is French Face Lift Harmful?

The content of dynamic threads has been found to be fully biocompatible. This substance has been used in implant surgeries for more than fifty years. For these reasons, the threads used during the application have no harm. Nevertheless, our specialists show the necessary sensitivity during the procedure in our clinic.