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Hyperpigmentation occurs because of increased pigmentation in one area of the skin. It can be caused by the pregnancy, innate, sun exposure and side effects of the medications.

What is Hyperpigmentation Treatment?

Hyperpigmentation treatment is preferred mostly during the winter. In the treatment, it is intended to reduce the blackening, if possible, remove it.

What are the Methods of Hyperpigmentation Treatment?

There are various methods in the hyperpigmentation treatment, such as; peeling, enzyme peeling, mesotherapy, dermapen techniques, lightening creams and sunscreen.

Chemical peel: Peeling is a treatment which peels the layer of the skin. If you have light darkening on your skin, you can have this method, using fruit acids. The sessions take place once a month, 4-6 sessions.
Darkening mask (Enzyme Peeling): This is also another special skin peeling method. A special mixture is applied to the skin as a mask. After waiting for 10-15 minutes, wash the area with warm water and afterwards, a special skin-care cream is applied.
Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy is applied with an injection to the layer beneath the skin. It is an effective treatment for both giving glow to the skin and removing wrinkles, rejuvenating.
Laser treatments: Different laser types can be used for the hyperpigmentation treatment. Fractional lasers or IPL devices can be preferred, as they peel the upper layer of the skin. The laser treatment may be preferred depending on the darkening tone and expanding amount of it.
Dermapen: Dermapen is an operation which stimulates the layer beneath the skin with micro needles, causing production of elastin. Thanks to the micro needles, the solutions penetrate into the skin layer faster. The solutions used in Dermapen application have lightening effects to the skin. Also, after the application, you can double the result with using lightening creams.
Lightening creams: You can use lightening creams separately, or with other treatments as supportively. Moreover, creams containing retinol peel the skin and help the skin get lighter. Contact us to consult our specialists if you want to use the lightening creams!
Sunscreen creams: You must use sunscreen creams after every application, especially every day during the summer. In winter, you can prefer low factor sunscreens. Consult our specialists to find out the best sunscreen type for you!