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The laser epilation is the process of permanent hair removal. Comparing to the other epilation techniques, it is more permanent, healthier and also less painful. That is why it is the most preferred hair removal technique. With the right machine and specialist in the field, you can have effective and permanent results.

What is the Laser Hair Removal?

The laser epilation is a process of using laser light to destroy the hair follicles to prevent them growing, which is a psychosocial problem. It is used in many fields including medical and esthetics for more than 20 years. It can be applied to any part of the body. After the first session you must not do anything to the hairs for minimum 15 days. It is because in this period, the hair growth and roughness are observed as it increases the efficiency of the process. After the treatment plan, the area is cleaned. The laser epilation device is adjusted to your skin type, color and hair type and intensity. It is applied as the device rapidly penetrates the skin and burns the hair with laser. Although the sessions vary from person to person, generally the process take 6-12 sessions.

What are the Types of the Laser Epilation?

Ruby Laser: The ruby laser works best for short hairs and light skins. It can also be applied to over your lip area.
Alexandrite Laser: It is applied to larger areas with its large head. The alexandrite laser works best for medium skins and black hairs.
Diode Laser: It works best for thin hairs. It must be used with a cooler gel as it penetrates the skin from a close-range. The diode laser is also effective for ingrown hairs. Because it can be adjusted manually, it is possible to apply the diode laser on dark skins without any injure.
Nd:Yag Laser: It works best for light-dark skins but it is more painful compared to the other types. It is effective on light skins for short hairs with its large head.

How Long Does the Sessions Take?

It depends on the person and the area as every part of the body has different types and length of hair. The other factors also affect the period such as hormonal balance, skin type and body composition. While the lip area requires a minute, the leg area may require 15 minutes. For a whole-body operation 1-1.5 hours are enough. For the face area, the session may be at every fifteen days while for other areas of the body, a session at every thirty days is enough.

How Many Sessions Does It Take?

Laser hair removal for armpits, bikini and legs areas take 6-8 sessions, while face, back and arms areas take 6-12 sessions.

What Should You Do Prior and Following the Laser Epilation?

1. Do not use products such as cream or oil when going to your session.
2. A month prior to the laser epilation, don’t do any kinds of epilation as you must grow the hair for the best results.
3. A day prior to your session, you must shave to shorten the hairs.
4. Avoid the treated area from the sun exposure.
5. Do not contact with water or apply make-up to the treated area for the first 12 hours.

Is the Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

If you go to your sessions regularly without skipping any, you can get rid of all the hairs on your body. Hairs don’t grow back because the laser epilation burns the hair bulbs.

Is the Laser Epilation Harmful?

The laser epilation burns only the hair bulbs, it does not injure the tissues of the treated area. The epilation does not leave any scars or spots behind if it is applied by a specialist. There are no proven harmful effects of the laser epilation.