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The lymphatic system is a part of the immunity and defense system of the human body. It circulates liquid through tissues and eliminates from the body. If the circulation and elimination are not enough, it causes the oedema formation. The lymphatic drainage application prevents accumulation of oedema in the tissues.

What is the Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage eliminates a colorless liquid, which circulates in blood vessels, through a venous blood vessel from our body. It maintains the liquid balance of the body and eliminates unwanted materials. The lymphatic drainage machine supports the lymphatic system of the body and accelerates the white liquid circulation. The machine pressurizes regularly and frequently, starting from the fingertips to the top. This is the effect of the lymphatic drainage. It eliminates the accumulated oedema, which formed due to various reasons, from the body; regulates the immune system and function of the other organs. It is used especially for the oedema treatment. Following the mastectomy, the lymphatic drainage helps to decrease the lymphoedema.

As well as using for the accumulated oedema caused by the spraining of leg etc., the lymphatic drainage also can be used for cosmetic purposes. It also supports collagen production, healing and rejuvenation. Moreover, it can be used for losing weight. The lymphatic drainage machine radiates heat and sends vibrations to the body, causing the adipose tissues to decompose. The decomposed adipose tissues are urinated and the skin becomes tight, thin and healthy.

How is the Lymphatic Drainage Applied?

During the treatment, the person wears a special suit which radiates heat and sends vibrations to the body with the cables in it. By this way, the lymph circulation is stimulated and the adipose tissues, which pressurizes the lymphatic metastasis, are eliminated from the body. The lymphatic circulation, burning fat and the collagen production accelerate, the skin gets tight. The session takes 30 minutes and it can be applied twice or three times a week. The lymphatic drainage can be used for oedema, distention, rheumatism, osteoarthrosis, problems before and after the pregnancy, accumulated toxins, hormonal disorders and stress related problems.

Is the Lymphatic Drainage Harmful?

The lymphatic drainage must not be applied to people with cardiac pacemaker and blood circulation disorder. It is not harmful for healthy people.