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Manual punch is one of the developed methods to get more efficiency in hair transplant, not to damage tissues, but to speed up the healing process. It is applied loosening the hair follicles with tips called “punch” and collecting them with a medical tool called “pen-set”. With this medical device, which looks like a pencil, hair transplant is applied using different tips according to the size of the hair follicles. Our specialist doctors loosen the hair follicles with this manual device and collect them one by one with the help of the micro pen-set.

Manual punch method is one of the rarely used methods in baldness treatment. It is a hard method to apply compared to others. The doctor who will perform the application must be an expert in his/her field, because it takes approximately 6-8 hours. During the application, an average of 2000-25000 grafts can be taken from the patient in one session.

The Advantages

• Thanks to the Manual Punch method, the damage in the tissues is at minimum.
• The healing process is pretty fast compared to many methods.
• During the hair transplant, the grafts which will be taken one by one from the fall-resistant areas in your nape area become more durable compared to some methods.
• The patient gets the maximum efficiency from the hair transplant thanks to the Manual Punch method.
• It helps the patient to gain natural looking hair.
• It leaves no scar behind.

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