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We can analyze the medical skin care under 3 headings: Classic skin care, Oxygen skin care and Chemical Peel Skin-care.

What is the Classic Skin-care?

It is also known as general skin care. classic skin care is an in-depth care process in which specialists use professional products depending on the need of the skin.

What are the Stages of the Classic Skin-care?

Firstly, the skin is cleaned with a skin cleaning product (gel, milk, etc.) suitable for the skin type. Then, peeling is applied in order to remove dead skin cells and regenerates cell renewal. Secondly, after steaming the face to open pores on the skin, it is cleaned with a vacuum or tircomedon. The skin is disinfected with applying high frequencies. Serums and ampoules, according to the skin type, are applied to the skin with iontophoresis. A mask is applied to tighten the pores. Lastly, after the mask is cleaned, first tonic, then a moisturizer is applied to the skin.

Why Should We Prefer the Classic Skin-care?

It is important to prefer skin care treatments which are applied by a specialist. If the skin is not cleaned regularly, in time, the skin will be covered with dead cells and your skin won’t breathe. It accelerates aging and you will look older than you are. The skin must be cleaned from the dead cells regularly to stay healthy. It is recommended for everyone, especially after the mid-twenties.

How Long Does the Classic Skin-care Takes?

Depending on the need, it can be applied at every 2 weeks or once a month. The session takes 1 hour 30 minutes.

What is the Oxygen Skin-care?

The Oxygen Skin-care is recommended for dry and sensitive skin types. The skin stays healthy, clean and fresh. In the Oxygen Skin-care, concentrated vitamins A, C, E are applied to the skin with oxygen, creating an anti-aging effect on the skin. It also supports production of collagen and elastin, which minimizes wrinkles and tighten the skin. The Oxygen skin care stabilizes the pH level of the skin.

How Long Does the Oxygen Skin-care Takes?

It can be applied once a month; it takes between 1-1:30 hours.

What is the Chemical Peel Skin-care?

The Chemical Peel is an application, peeling the damaged part of the skin with chemicals. It creates younger and cleaner skin look. The Chemical Peel is made of fruits or various foods, they are all-natural acids. The Chemical Peel application is being used for acne treatments, it can be applied areal or general. In acne treatment, The Chemical Peel Skin-care dries out acnes, cleans and prevents the formation of acne again. That is why the skin-care is so important.

What are the Benefits of Chemical Peel Skin-care?

The Chemical Peel Skin-care is effective for acne treatments, removing scars and fine/deep lines, tightening the pores, signs of aging, stretch marks etc.

How Long Does the Chemical Peel Skin-care Take?

The Chemical Peel Skin-care takes 60-70 minutes. You will be so pleased with the results at our clinic!