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Microblading is a technique which forms your brows exactly like your own natural brows. Thanks to this technique, you can reform your brows or just fill them in, and have a dramatic eyebrow looks! Therefore, microblading brow application is one of the most preferred techniques.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is different from tattooing your brows. It is applied with a special microblading pen with tiny needles. It forms your brows, creates thin and hair-like strokes. The application takes about two hours.

What Should You Do Before the Microblading?

You must not apply make-up or any cosmetic product to your eyebrow area. The specialist will draw and outline them according to your natural brows. You should avoid using anything that makes your skin sensitive. It is very important that your eyebrow area must be sterile. You should know that the application takes about two hours and it must not be rushed.

Who Must Avoid Microblading?

Pregnant women (or those who may be), breastfeeding mothers and diabetic people must avoid microblading. Please consult to your doctor first.

How is Microblading Applied?

Firstly, the specialist determines your ideal brow shape to your face and starts drawing your brows. During the first hour of the application, the brow shape is created with drawing and outlining it. This is the longest and the most important part of the application as the ideal and natural brow shape is created. The ideal brow shape can be found with 6 different measurements. After the first step is complete, the specialist applies anesthetic cream to the area and starts creating thin and hair-like strokes. Later, accumulated pigment is cleared from the area and the brows take their last shape.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading takes two stages and with a touch up post-application, it lasts for 8-18 months. Every thirty days, you can get a touch up to your brows. The application lasts longer on the dry skins compared to the oily skins.

What Should You Do After the Microblading?

Your brows start healing after 25-30 days from the first application. A month later if there is something you don’t like; you can get it fixed with a 40-minute touch up. After the application, you must not use any cosmetic products to your brows for 10 days. You must not itch or, if it is possible, touch the area until it heals. You can apply ointment with a cotton bud. Also, before going outside you can use creams with sun protection factor.