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needle-free skin mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a beauty application which dates back to 1952. Although, it is used for generally beauty and aesthetic purposes, it is also used for health problems, such as: treating bronchitis, hair loss, acne, weight loss etc. There is also “needle mesotherapy” which may cause bleeding and bruising on the skin. That is why the “needle-free skim mesotherapy” method is being used more commonly.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a beauty and aesthetics application. It stimulates structural proteins to the skin, such as; collagen and elastin. Mesotherapy is used to treat acne, weight loss, tendinitis, aesthetic applications, signs of early-aging, regional lipidosis and to contour the body. It is also used for treating cancer.

How is Needle-Free Mesotherapy Applied?

Mesotherapy is applied with a micro injection to the target tissue in the skin. It is made of the micro channels which are composed of polarization and monopolar low voltage currents. Compared to the needle mesotherapy, it occurs more homogeneous distribution in the application.

Firstly, the problematic area is analyzed and determined what it needs. According to the problems the patient has, an application plan is made. Needle free skin mesotherapy is preferred especially for sensitive skins. While mesotherapy is applied once a week, skin care sessions are made once in a month.

How Many Sessions Does Needle-Free Mesotherapy Take?

Although the session amount depends on the skin type and the treated area, the needle-free mesotherapy takes about 4-6 sessions. Our specialists determine the durations of each session according to the area, between 8-30 minutes.

What Are the Benefits of Needle-Free Mesotherapy?

Thanks to the needl free mesotherapy, you won’t have any problems such as bleeding and bruising on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry about having the application as there is no pain you must endure. Without any pain on the skin, the collagen regenerates. It minimizes the fine lines on the skin dramatically, helping you to have a young skin again. Since the collagen in the skin regenerates; you will get rid of dark spots, fine lines, dullness of the skin and you will have a healthy, glowing skin.

What Should You Do After You Have the Application?

After the needle-free mesotherapy application, you must not contact the treated area with water for 12-18 hours. In addition, you must not apply make-up to the area for 5-6 hours after the application.