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In the non-surgical nose job method a filling is applied to the nose. This method, also known as nose filling, is done very quickly. The price is also very low compared to the surgery. In this method, which does not require general anesthesia, an anesthetic cream is used. Nonsurgical nose job are performed quite frequently in people who complain of their nose and want to have a smoother nose without pain.

What is Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics?

Nose aesthetics without surgery is basically a process that a dermal filling is injected into the nose area to correct the appearance of the nose.

How Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics is Done?

Firstly, the patient is evaluated and his or her photos are taken. Then, information is given about the positive and negative aspects of the aesthetic procedure. Then the skin is cleansed and the process begins. Non-surgical nose job is done by injecting into the nose area a kind of hyaluronic acid, which is, the filling material. It is used in the treatment of problems such as nostril asymmetry, low nose tip and nose curvature. After minor changes, the person can achieve the desired nose appearance without and surgery.

Who Can Have Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics?

The people in many categories such as who suffer from the low nose tip, want to have a raised nose, the ones who complain about the appearance of the nose area , the ones who do not want to have a medical intervention, those who are not comfortable with pain and painful procedures such as surgery, and those who want to breathe easily can apply to the method non-surgical nose job procedure. However, since the filling material is used in this method, the nose the cannot be made smaller.

What are the Advantages of Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics?

It is painless procedure without surgical complications. You can have a beautiful and compatible nose image. In non-surgical nose aesthetics, curvature of the nose can be eased and the person can breathe easily. You can give a desired image to the areas of the that you think are imperfect. It doesn’t take much of your time because it can be accomplished in a short time.How Long is the Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics Procedure?

After the anesthesia cream shows its effect, the operation of the non-surgical nose job ends in about 10 minutes.

How Long Is The Permanence Process Of Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics?

If the planning is done well, the permanence of the nose aesthetics can achieve from 6 months up to 18 months.