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PRP Hair Mesotherapy

The Hair PRP application is highly effective in treating hair loss. That is because it triggers Plate, alias thrombocyte cells, rejuvenates and heals wounds. Both during the hair transplantation process and after it, Hair PRP application has positive effects on your hair.

What is Hair PRP?

Hair PRP is highly effective in treating hair loss, thanks to the thrombocytes in the blood. During the Hair PRP application, hair loss treatment is applied with thrombocytes’ healing tissue feature.

What are the Benefits of the Hair PRP?

PRP is being used to remove wrinkles on the skin and to heal the elasticity of the skin, non-healing wounds and sear skin. Apart from it, it is being used to treat hair loss problems. Hair PRP application is non-allergic, it is a natural, easily applicable, and a reliable treatment method. The hair transplantation is a difficult and long process, but Hair PRP application increases the success rate of the process. Not just for the hair transplantation process, it is also an effective method of treating hair loss problem and nourishing the hair follicles.

How Long Does the Hair PRP Take?

Our specialists determine the schedule of the application depending on the patient. The Hair PRP application takes 3-4 sessions, at every two weeks. A session takes between 30-45 minutes. After the application, there may be temporary redness on the skin. You must use sunscreen creams after the application and you must not contact anything to the skin. Also, you must not contact the skin with water for 1-2 days.

Hair Transplantation and Hair PRP

Hair PRP supports the new hair follicles and the treated area thanks to the solution containing nutrients and growth factor, if it is applied after the hair transplantation. It doubles the effect of the hair transplantation process. The Hair PRP nourishes the hair follicles and increases the adaptation of the new hair. VEGF hormone which is an ingredient of the solution, accelerates the blood flow around the hair follicles.