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Spider web aesthetics is the process of giving a lively form to the face without surgical intervention. Unhealthy diet, poor climatic conditions, fine lines on the skin, which can be linked to weight loss, get deeper as you age. Spider web aesthetics technique aims to provide a non-surgical solution to these problems Bülent Cihantimur belongs to him. This technique is developed by getting its inspiration from natüre, and is based on the shape and mechanism of the Spider’s web.

How Is Spider Web Aesthetics Done?

While applying spider web aesthetics, polydiaxanone or intradermal threads, which have been used in medicine for years after local anesthesia, and needles with thin leads are used to place these strands under the skin. These threads, which do not harm the body in any way, are processed into the skin tissue under the skin with thin-tipped needles, just like a spider’s web. It is applied to the skin by making very small movements with these thin-tipped needles. In this application, there is a mechanism to remove the decreasing amount of collagen and enable the body to produce collagen again.

The body reacts to these threads and reproduces biological fibroblast, elastin and collagen production. Thus the lifting effect is doubled. The skin is stretched and recovered and vitality can be observed on the skin. The difference from other stretching applications is that it is applied with a different thread under the skin in the form of a spider’s web. Aesthetic method and processing mechanism are different.

What Are The Advantages Of Spider Web Aesthetics?

It is a facelift process that is effective in a short period of time. The pain is not felt. It does not leave any trace since there is no cutting process. Patient can continue his daily life normally after the application. It does not harm the skin as the threads are used in the application which melt over time. Gives quite good results in the fine line and wrinkled areas.

What Should Be Taken Care of After Spider Web Aesthetics?

Minor swelling, redness, or bruises may be observed after the spider web aesthetics procedure, but it will pass in a few days. Exaggerated mimic movements should be avoided. The face should not be rubbed within three weeks after the procedure, skin should not be treated hard and lying on the face down position should be avoided.

How Long Does The Permanence of Spider Web Aesthetic Last?

Spider Web aesthetics vary depending on the age of the individual, the method and the area is applied. After the process, the lines are alive and shaped. The final and clear image is seen between 1 and 3 months after the process following connective tissue regeneration. The process has been observed to be effective for up to two to four years.

Is Spider Web Aesthetics Harmful?

There may be complications associated with the extremely rare as close to zero as in any procedure, but when it is done by a specialist, redness, swelling, bruising and similar complications will pass within a few days. Since it is an application that can be taken back as needed, it can be easily done. If you still have a question your in mind, you can contact our expert doctor staff.

How Much Time is Required to Have Spider Web Aesthetics?

The procedure is performed on average 45 minutes after local anesthesia. Interventions such as rubbing the face for several days after the procedure should be avoided.