The Golden Needle Application

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The Golden Needle Application

The golden needle is also known as the fractional radiofrequency. With this application, a lot of problems on the skin can be treated simultaneously.

What is the Golden Needle (Fractional Radiofrequency)?

The golden needle application is highly effective on densifying the thin lines on the face. The golden needle application also removes the loose skin, acne scars, dark circles under the eye, burn scars, scars and chap marks from losing and gaining weight frequently.

How is the Golden Needle (Fractional Radiofrequency) Applied?

Firstly, the application area is cleaned, and an anesthetic cream is applied. A device which has many micro golden needles scan the skin. The golden needles contact the skin at an adjusted frequency. The needles go in and out to the skin with sudden movements and stimulate the skin. However, it does not injure the skin, just stimulates the layer under the skin and it triggers the collagen production. Golden needles are high-conductive and give high energy to the skin; that way, you can get effective results. That is why the golden needle is preferred. Another reason for the high preference is that, the golden needle application does not require a surgical operation.

Which Parts of the Body is the Golden Needle (Fractional Radiofrequency) Applied to?

The application is highly used on the face area as it is mainly for densifying the thin lines. It is also used for tightening pores as well as removing the loose skin. The second most preferred treatment is the belly area, because the golden needle application is highly effective on chap marks which generally occurs during the pregnancy.

What Should You Do Before and After the Golden Needle Application?

The golden needle application can be applied at every fifteen days. Generally, 4 sessions are enough to get the best results. Skin hygiene is very important both a day before and after the application. Do not apply make-up or any other cosmetic product to the treated area after the application, however, you can use the skin care creams your specialist recommended. There may be slight redness on your skin after the application but it will heal in a few hours. The golden needle is one of the most preferred and effective applications to rejuvenate the skin.