Why Hair Loss Occurs in Men?

Why Hair Loss Occurs in Men

Healthy hair is important to have a well-groomed and beautiful look. However, hair loss is a common problem, regardless of men or women. Hair loss, which lowers self-confidence and causes psychological exhaustion, can be based on various reasons. One of the commonly known reasons is that hair loss is based on genetic factors. This is 80% of the hair loss reasons. Moreover, hair loss can be based on irregular eating habits, birth in women, anemia, vitamin deficiency and medicine use.

  • Genetic Factors

Hair loss is different in men and women because of genetic factors. It develops in men due to the hormone testosterone. This is a chronic situation. Hair loss increases after middle age, and may result in baldness. It is possible to extend this period in various ways. In the upcoming years, however, it will become a problem which is very difficult to avoid. Although it is possible to extend the time, hair transplant may be required in the sparse areas.

In women, the hair loss problem is quite high for the patients who have baldness problems in their families. The patients who have problems such as unbalanced nutrition and excessive stress are likely to have hair loss in early periods of their lives.

  • Irregular Eating Habits

Hair loss also occurs because of irregular eating habits and suffering hunger for a long time. As you know, hair roots are alive. Every living organism needs nutrition. Eating one type of food, hunger, foods containing high carbohydrates can affect the hair and the speed of hair loss.

  • Vitamin Deficiency

Despite getting proper nutrition, the problem of hair loss may occur as a result of the low number of vitamins and minerals in the blood, which nourish the hair follicles. In patients with iron deficiency, vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiency, hair cannot be nourished and begins to fall out.

  • Medicine Use

Medicine use is a condition which causes hair loss, especially in thyroid and insulin resistance diseases. If you suddenly start to experience hair loss, you should be examined by expert doctors.

  • Depression and Extreme Stress

Depression and extreme stress are considered to be the cause of most diseases. Medicines used to treat these diseases can trigger hair loss.

Hair loss can be affected by many factors and occur in a short time. Patients experiencing this problem should get an idea about hair loss based on the information we give, and if necessary, have a hair transplant. If you want to get detailed information about the hair transplant, you can read our article here: ” Hair Transplant in Cyprus ” You can contact us to have a hair transplant and get a pre-examination by our doctors. We are proud to serve you with our team of expert doctors in Istanbul for years.